Wichman Dining Room

Wichman dining room www.saranobledesigns.com

This is a fitting week to discuss dining rooms.  I'm doing a quick post on Wichman's dining room. We featured their transformed living room last week. During the same timeframe as the living room update we had a quick update on the dining room as well.  When Chrissy first talked to me she was not interested in painting the walls.  She had gone to Sherwin Williams and selected one of their pamphlets that grouped colors together for her and implemented.  It's so much more entertaining to hear her tell in her own words her affliction to decorating.  But I could not fall in love with the burnt orange.  I felt like it was weighing the space down.  So they painted!  The result, a much brighter and happier space.  We updated the drapes and rug and I love the feel.  I still would like to find her the perfect buffet but stages :)  Check out the before below. 

Before Wichman Dining room www.saranobledesigns.com