Thanksgiving Traditions and Tablescapes

This Thanksgiving, my family and I are driving to Tulsa to celebrate the holiday with my immediate family: my mom and dad, my brother and his girlfriend.  Our Thanksgivings are usually low key, since the rest of our family is spread out from Ohio to South Africa.  Even with our smaller size, everyone still has their specific jobs for the day.  My dad preps the turkey and makes the mashed potatoes.  My brother is in charge of the wood burning fire, making sure we are never without roaring flames.  My husband is the "official" sommelier.  Our children, do a fantastic job watching the Macy's Day Parade.  I help with slicing and dicing, serving and cleaning, but my amazing mother does it ALL.  She still reins in the kitchen for our Thanksgiving Feast, and we are so thankful for her hard work and love!  She's half Sicilian, so there is always plenty of food, and you can never say no if it's being offered. Seriously, she will give you "that" look. One day, I'd like to add to my Thanksgiving Day jobs, by being in charge of the table decorations. I would love to have loads of fresh flowers, candles, coordinating wine glasses and salad plates! I'm not sure how there is room though with all of the dishes and food, however, these tablescapes are beautiful! From these photos, it looks like I would need a very large table and decor budget! Which is your favorite?  If you plan to decorate your table Thursday, send us a picture!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Jessica