Hello! Let's Talk Magazines

Hello my friends!  I've been MIA and I apologize.  We are hopping here at Noble Designs which is such a great problem but the blog has suffered.  And I love doing it so I'm going to try and make it priority again.  Besides we have so much fun stuff to share.  In case you don't follow me regularly my house was featured in Spaces Magazine last month.  It was a dream of mine and a little surreal it actually happened.  I hate to toot my own horn but toot toot! :)  

This month I have a really fun project featured in Kansas City At Home.  The Ecks have been working with me for years on different projects.  The latest took the cake.  They had an amazing addition to their Fairway home.  They added a garage/outdoor space/mudroom.  It's awesome space that is really so useable and maybe doesn't seem glamourous but it is life changing.  The bright space makes laundry almost bearable.  I'm particularly excited about the built-in unit that happened in the mud room.  Thanks to trusting clients I got to do a modern almost mod white cabinet unit that is not the usual Kansas City cabinetry but it turned out amazing.  Karl the cabinet maker said after it was all done that he doubted me but was really happy how it turned out.  Success!  So here's the link to the entire article….


So stay tuned we have so much more to share.  I found inspiration in New York.  I recharged in the Dominican Republic although did not find inspiration in our slightly dated resort I was reminded how the sun and ocean make me happy and that always brings inspiration.  We have pictures of a fantastic kitchen remodel to share and a basement build out that is stunning.  So I'm saying with my fingers crossed, "more to come soon".  

Love,  Sara